Wednesday, September 16

I swear I haven't disappeared

Honestly. I've just been super busy. My best friend / sister Jess (you know, the one who made my badge?) is in town visiting. It's so funny, because we haven't seen each other in 6 years. And yet here we are, close as ever. Things are so much different this time around: we're both in different life situations than what we were six years ago, we've both changed, grown, and become different women over the last 6 years. Sure, the internet can keep you in touch, but it can't guarantee that things will be peachy when you see each other again. But I have to tell you, I love the woman she's becoming and I'm so thrilled we've got this week to see each other.

I'm so very blessed that not only have I been able to see my immediate family this year on my visit to PA, but I was also able to see both of my not-blood-but-who-cares-we-love-each-other sisters this year.

So in lieu of posting regularly, I'm going to give you all some links to blogs I absolutely adore. Go on over and please send them a warm hello. Some are dear friends of mine, others are women who I don't necessarily know, but I have a great affection for and respect them greatly.

My Kinda Rain - Lori is an exceptional blogger, and an amazing friend. Tell her Sparkle sent you!
Her Cup Overfloweth - Absolutely amazing. This woman is so crafty - I'm always in awe of her talent that she shares with such joy.
Mama's Losin' It - Home of the Writer's Workshop, Mama Kat is a wonderful writer. I love her wit and sense of humor, as well as her candor.
Scary Mommy - Motherhood: the good, the bad, and the scary. She tackles it all with finesse and a raw sense of honesty that I love and appreciate. The amazing photos add jealousy to admiration.
N.E.O. Moms - Not Easily Offended Moms. Obviously not for the easily offended. I recently discovered this blog and love, love, love it!! I may not always agree, but seeing everything from the other side always helps balance my opinions.

That's all I've got for now, and I hope you enjoy reading while I'm off writing up a storm with Jessie! I'll be featuring more blogs during the rest of the week, and there will guaranteed be a post by Saturday after the follow up with the neurologist.

Happy Wednesday and have a fabulous rest of the week!

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