Friday, September 4

I got a badge, I got a badge...

I got a badge, hey, hey, hey, hey! In lieu of a lengthy Friday post, I want to show off my shiny new blog badge! Because I have one now! It's glorious and shiny and, oh, how I love it!


I have to send special thank you love to Jess of Digital Whimsies for whipping it up for me. It's positively perfect and I couldn't have asked for better! A million thank yous. I shall be laying my cooking skills at your feet when you come to visit!

Anyone who wants to snag it for their blogs - there's a code in the side bar* for ease of snaggability. (It's a word. Google it.)

*Those of you reading this on Facebook won't understand. Click here for the original site of this blog post.


  1. Awesome! I got it! Its in my links tab on my blog!

  2. Love love love love love love love love it :)

  3. Love the sushi badge! Thanks for stopping by!!