Wednesday, July 29

My Summer Vacation

I took yesterday off to recover from the whole ER trip and whatnot. To those of you who @'ed me on Twitter, bless you and thank you for the concern. I'm feeling much better today.

But now... I need to share. I had an amazing vacation this summer. This was the first trip that I would actually call a "vacation" in a very. Long. Time. Those of you who follow the blog know that I was able to get finances in order and was able to go back home to Pennsylvania to see one of my favorite groups, LFO, perform in Allentown.

It. Was. Amazing.

I can't even begin to stress the word "amazing" or even articulate to the fullest extent.

Firstly, it was amazing because I was able to go to the concert with my best friend / sister, Stacey. She and I have been in love with these guys from the beginning. And we were just... thrilled beyond words.

Why ever would we be thrilled beyond words? I'm so very glad you asked me that question.

Because we also had VIP passes.

We had access to sound check, backstage, and the tour bus. Now, we missed sound check because Allentown streets suck and omg how many one way streets could you possibly fit in one six block area?! But we did get to hang out on the bus. And back stage.

And let me tell you. If you only ever go see one show? This is the show to hit. Our tickets were $25 each. And for that $25? We saw Kiernan McMullan, Go Crash Audio, Rookie of the Year, and LFO. How much better can you get for $25?!

The VIP passes? Oh, man. This is the best group of people to get a pass to meet that you could ever have asked for. Everyone is super conversational, totally approachable. The whole backstage area was so completely laid back and you honestly felt right at home. I loved everyone I met that night.

To be able to be there, to hang out with the guys one on one, and to chill out and hang out with them... oh, man. That's why there's so many pictures in this blog post. I can't even begin to explain the kind of emotional life high I was riding that night. And the guys of LFO? All of them - they talk to you like you've known them forever.

Which reminds me. I know I started rambling a lot when we were hanging out on the bus. But, Brad, you've got the kind of personality that sort of just... seriously, you should be in the FBI. People would spill their guts to you no problem. So if I said too much? (Especially about bunny hunting and all that - I never realized how redneck I've gotten...) I'm sorry. But at least I was entertaining?

Regardless, thank you for an amazing experience. I hope to do it again in Reno next year!

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