Author Bio

My name, legally, is Lindsey. I am a twenty-something mom of two toddlers - I call them A-Girl (she'll be five in April), and BreMonster (she's 2). I'm the wife of a (mostly) wonderful man - I call him MarvMan - who is currently active duty Navy. The handle I usually go by on the interwebz is LinLori. This is a smushing of my first name and a variation of my middle name, Lorraine. My middle name is in honor of my amazingly wise, wonderful, compassionate and optimistic Gram.

MarvMan and I met while we were both still active duty. We had a baby and got married in 2005 - yes, we did it backwards. We were 19 and 20 and the time, with me being the young 'un. We've been told from the outset that we have the odds stacked against us. We've made it four years and another kid so far and I'm looking forward to more. Years, that is. I'm done having babies.

So if I'm done having babies, what do I do?
  • I drink a lot of coffee.
  • We're homeschooling A-Girl, and by proxy BreMonster.
  • I'm also attending college (online) for my BA in PR & Marketing. (Somehow I always feel that a degree in selling stuff - i.e. marketing - should also be considered BS.)
  • I knit, crochet, and am a yarnaholic.
  • I'm also a self-proclaimed geek and a member of the Almighty Cult of Apple.
  • I cook - you'll eventually see all my recipe books.
  • I read. A lot.
  • I write - hence the blog and my obsession with notebooks and pens.
  • Music is a central theme in our lives. Not a day goes by where I don't listen to music of some kind, somewhere. I love almost everything.
  • I shop. A lot.
  • The correlation to this, of course, is that I am also a bargain hunter and a thrifty shopper. I have been known to "stalk" items even at Wal-Mart, where I see something I want and check the price every time I go back until it's either been discounted or on clearance. Don't believe it works? I got a $17 sweatshirt for $7.
  • I love tattoos. And piercings. (I have 6 and 2, respectively, with plans for more of the former.)
Things you should know in reading this blog:

I have Meniere's Syndrome. Just click on any of the health mystery tags to read more about the journey to the diagnosis. I am outspoken about that and various other extenuating health issues, such as my recently discovered intolerance to MSG.
I am a Libertarian. I try to avoid the political rantings, but they crop up occasionally. Respect my views and I'll respect yours.
I love self-deprecating humor and tend to write with a lot of sarcasm. I don't feel the need to denote the sarcasm, so please figure in for sarcasm before getting upset.

All in all, I'm a pretty simple person, which is probably what makes me perfect for military wifelihood. (Yes, it's a word. I just made it up and certified it.) Everything else around me is complicated and constantly changing. But me? I'm just me.