Thursday, September 17

I heart merch.

I do. I honestly do. I love merch from concerts I've been to that proudly display who I love - musically speaking. Which is why I'm super excited to tell you about something I've been waiting for. For, like, ever. Okay, maybe not forever, but definitely for a good long time.

Remember when I told you about my trip to PA?
And going to see LFO?
And how I also got to see and hang out with Kiernan McMullan?

You know, where Kiernan put a sticker on my hand? Cause I love stickers?

Well, guess what? Kiernan's got a merch store! Finally!

You guys have no idea how thrilled I am. I'm ordering myself a shirt this afternoon. Please, please, please: go check him out and go buy a CD. Because Kiernan is not only an amazingly talented musician, he's a really kick ass kind of guy. And he is so deserving of your love.

In fact - you should thank me for introducing you two. Kiernan, this is my readership. Lovely readership? This is Kiernan. Enjoy each other. Get to know each other. It's fabulous.

Go to: for more.
You can also find Kiernan on iTunes.

What are you waiting for? Go!
Fine. I'll stay here and watch this video while you're gone. And when you come back, you can thank me. ;)

*The previous post was not in any way asked of me to do, nor am I being compensated for it. (And Kiernan, if you see this, I'm not expecting compensation of any kind, either. Unless you really wanna send me more stickers. From Staples.) I simply love Kiernan's music and want to do whatever I can in whatever way I can to help him out.


  1. I like to buy concert merchandise too... I feel like I have to have them as a memory!!

  2. Loving his sound! Thank you for sharing...and you know it makes me happy just to see that wee Mc in front of his name.... ;O)