Saturday, June 6

The weekend that wasn't.

So remember in the other post, where I said we were going to spend the weekend in Reno? Yeah, obviously that didn't happen. As I'm sitting here, at home, writing this blog post. In my pajamas. At 8:36 on a Saturday morning. In Fallon, Nevada.

Now, let me start this off by saying that ditching on the trip to Reno was entirely my decision. MarvMan and I got into an argument and to spite him, I said we weren't going. I have no clue why depriving myself of a trip to Reno would be that detrimental to MarvMan. Because he's required to go due to his volunteer work at the Special Olympics. So either way, MarvMan gets to go.

Have you ever had those kind of arguments? They start about the simplest - even the stupidest - of things. Usually something small, a minor irritation that could easily be solved by saying, "Hey, I'm really bothered by (insert infraction here)."

For some of us, though, the situation rarely goes like that. I go about, huffing and puffing, correcting the infraction - this one in particular had to do with the laundry - and all the while ensuring that everyone in the house knows that I'm upset. It's childish behavior, I'll wholly admit to that. Then when "discussion time" came around, I was entirely too aggressive about the matter with MarvMan, and it escalated until it was no longer about the laundry.

Well, it was still about the laundry. Then it was also about the dishes. And what kind of music I listen to. How he's a stubborn harda$$ and needs to chill. I'm surprised my extremely short haircut and lip piercing weren't brought up - he's not a fan of either. Suddenly, the very things I profess to love about him are now the very things causing problems.

And I capped it off by pulling out from the Reno trip.

It's been beneficial in a sense for myself and BreMonster. We've spent tons of time snuggling. And I got hold of a new entertainment center. Got to focus on the positives, right?

But I think that tonight, I'm going to bake a cake for MarvMan. Just to let him know that I realize I overreacted and made a mountain out of a mole hill. Hopefully this communication thing between us will get better over time. We're both only 24, we've got time, right?

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