Monday, June 8

Weekend Wind-Down

For those keeping up around here, arguments were resolved yesterday. MarvMan and A-Girl had a fantastic time at the Special Olympics in Reno, even if they were mostly cold and wet. It rained all day Saturday, the poor things. I wish I'd sent MarvMan with the camera so he could take pictures. Alas, lesson learned.

The weekend, though, was very productive for me.

Firstly, we got rid of our behemoth entertainment center...
It was a huge, unnecessary piece that we didn't need and was simply taking up space and making the living room look more cramped than it was.

Plus - look at all that surface area. We live in the desert - sand = dust and I hate dusting to begin with! (That would be BreMonster popping out from behind it, if you were wondering.)

This new setup that we've got, however, is so much better! More streamlined, I can actually use the light coming in through that big window of ours. And the TV isn't overwhelmed by unnecessary shelving! Oh, it makes me so happy to have such a better organized solution in our living room! Did I mention I'm thrilled with having less to clean?

Even better? The new setup? FREE! One of my neighbors had gone to a storage unit auction and found that little gem, so when she brought it back and mentioned possibly selling it at her garage sale if nobody wanted/needed it, I snatched that baby up!

So now that I've updated you on my ever so exciting weekend that kind-of-sort-of was / wasn't - how was your weekend?

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  1. Congrats on the new TV set up, very nice. Thanks for stopping by my blog.