Friday, June 5

What in the world #fcubedpeeps?!

If you follow me and @oliveshoot on Twitter, you may have found yourself asking over the past week, "What in the world is #fcubedpeeps?" I am here to tell you!

First of all, I have to tell you that this idea is the brain child of Leslie and myself, and you really need to check her blog out as well.

Conversation came up last #FollowFriday about celebrities and other famous people that we'd recommend. I made the comment that if we did that, it would be a fairly short list. The amount of celebrities/famous people that actually get Twitter and use it as it was intended is a pretty small amount.

Now, before continuing further, I should note that the issue of celebrities being on Twitter has been discussed before. The lack of following back, lack of engagement - it's something that can upset Twitter users because Twitter is based on engagement and reciprocity. Others don't necessarily give a hoot and find their tweets entertaining. If you're one of the latter and don't enjoy a good lark now and again, this is probably not for you.

Regardless, we started nosing around, finding various celebs to follow and observe. We've been watching carefully and are preparing to begin releasing our lists for our first ever #fcubedpeeps! I'm super excited! We want to share celebs that we find to be worth the follow.

For those celebs who might be reading this post, and for those who want to add their own recommendations to the list, you may be wondering: What's the criteria?
  • Reciprocity: Who do they follow back? We're understanding that maybe they don't adopt the same "follow everyone back" principles that many of us operate on. But are their only follows @PerezHilton, et al?
  • Tweet Quality: Are their tweets interesting? Yes, we've got the usual eaters/sleepers. Maybe there's not enough time in the day other than to let the world know what you're having for breakfast and when you're crashing for the night. But hey, occasionally updating about what you're up to, giving us a more personal glimpse in your life, satisfying our inner voyeur - isn't that what Twitter's most basic of concepts is all about?
  • Follower Engagement: Do they know how to @ reply to people? Do they thank people for RTs, comments on TwitPics? Replies to other celebs don't count in this category - we want interaction on levels that stretch deeper than that.
This is for everyone to participate in. Twitter is a community, and this little bubble of an idea is meant to be released into the Twitterverse, and will hopefully grow.

It should be mentioned that, insofar as we're concerned, these famous peeps don't have to interact with us (@linlori, @oliveshoot) directly. We're not @PerezHilton, we won't tear them down because we feel snubbed. Our focus is community participation on the whole. We won't actively advocate against anyone on Twitter - we don't want to discourage anyone. Rather, we want to acknowledge and send good vibes to those famous people who do get it.


  1. @collective_Soul fits all your criteria and then some :)

  2. They definitely do! They're on the top of my recommend list for sure! Thank you for stopping by the blog!