Thursday, June 4

I don't think I'll ever be a country girl

It's come up quite often, especially since we moved down here to the middle-of-nowhere, Nevada. For those of you who may not know, Fallon, Nevada is an extremely remote location somewhere east of Reno. How remote, you ask?

So remote, we had to be given "Overseas Screenings" before transferring down here. Because it's considered "isolated duty."

So when I say I won't ever be a country girl, please realize I've been trying to fit in for the past year now. I can't believe I've survived for a year out here. There have been some close calls, I'm sure, but I've survived.

I've been off-roading. I have seen lizards and didn't scream. I've even gone rabbit hunting, killed a jackrabbit and then managed to skin it, and various others. Faster than MarvMan, my husband. And without vomiting. I was so proud.

I routinely shop at Wal-Mart like it's going out of style. And not necessarily because of budget concerns, either. Because it's the biggest store Fallon has. I go shooting with the hubz and have given the okay for my four year old to learn about shooting a .22 long rifle, and she has shot a 12 gauge shotgun under Papa MarvMan's direct supervision.

I surprisingly don't mind getting dirty.

But good lawd, I miss the city y'all.

I miss being able to talk tech and people know what I'm talking about. I miss being able to squeal over new brands and the shininess of it all and people appreciated that. I miss coffee being the lifeblood of the streets, the hustle and bustle of it all. Trying to decide which is better - a street view or a river view. Not that I ever got that chance, but still... And yes, river view beats street view any time, unless you're overlooking a historical downtown section. Or, y'know, if you're in New Orleans for Mardis Gras.

I've learned to appreciate the loud cows in the morning. The silence broken by the sunrise and filled with the souns of birds and other animals as they wake up and start their day. It's really quite beautiful, idyllic and serene.

Oh, and of course, the sound of jet engines as the base wakes up.

This morning, MarvMan called to verify plans for this weekend. He's volunteering at the Special Olympics and will be having to stay overnight at least tonight and into tomorrow. But when he called, he asked me if we wanted to stay in Reno for the weekend - all of us. In the city.

I told him "yes" as politely and coolly as I could. And when he hung up? I did a happy dance. Full on, bouncing around, squealing and clapping - there may even have been some form of the Running Man in there. I'm going back to the city this weekend!

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