Thursday, August 27

You don't have what?!

Yes, yes, I know. It's crazy. Practically blasphemous, when you think about it. I mean, really, how could I possibly do this to myself?! And if I didn't really care about myself, how could I do this to my children?! Of all the things in all the world, why, oh why, would I take this one blessed thing away from my little girls.

What is that one blessed thing?

Television. Cable. Television.

Granted, we have something like 11 channels. One of which is PBS, four of which are QVC or QVC-wannabe channels. The rest are news and occasionally on the weekend, this one channel plays this show that I really, really love and never thought I would because it's a kid's show. (The Sushi Pack - seriously, if sushi could get any cuter, I would love to know. Someone get me a Wasabi plushie, stat!)

But the thing is... we haven't really been missing it. I mean, for the past year or so, we'd totally forgotten that we even had the basic cable package to begin with! The girls watch movies, and I can't blame them. No annoying commercial interruptions. Unless they're in the middle of a movie and I just so happen to walk by their room and notice it's a mess. Then it's a MOMmercial interruption. But that's different. Now that we have PBS and that one channel that plays The Sushi Pack, they're really rather indifferent to it. The only time A-Girl gets upset is if I turn off a movie in the middle of it. (I hate that, too, kid, but you gotta clean your room.)

I definitely miss The Food Network, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel, but at this point? Upgrading our cable would be pointless. So many channels we don't watch but we're still paying for.

Talk to me in a few years if I decide to send the girls to public school and need something to fill the afternoon void.

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  1. I agree. We are dropping our cable when we move, and I'm fine with it. We'll be ok, and we'll save some money!