Friday, August 28

Crafty, crafty catch up.

Wow, I almost spelled it ketchup instead of catch up. Unfortunately, I'm not talking about condiments this morning. I'm talking about all the crafts I seem to have gotten into and never quite finished.

I've been noticing all this while cleaning out my office and getting everything organized and such. It's just... the unfinished craft bit? It's starting to become a burden. Christmas is coming up - ohmigosh, anyone else notice that there's only 120 some odd days until Christmas?! - and I wanted to make a lot of gifts this year by hand. Except the clutter and the half-finished projects are getting in the way.

So here's what I'm going to do:

I'm giving myself next week to assess and finish at least one project per day. If I'm halfway or most of the way done on something already, this shouldn't be too hard. Note: This is only the week for projects that I've already started!

What about the projects for which I've got the materials, but never quite started? That's being handled, too. I'll be making a list (and checking it twice*) and holding myself to a time limit on these projects.

But this upcoming week? It's all about catching up. Anyone want to join me? Comment me and let's get going!

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