Wednesday, August 26

Wordy Photo Wednesday

Childhood lost...

These photos are from one of my birthday parties when I was younger (obviously). I'm the one on the right.

In the second photo - Tommy (L) and Bobby (center - getting choked out, lol). Also, on the right, that's my little sister sitting on Kelly's lap. I haven't seen most of these people (except my sister) in years. We went to elementary school together, and then I moved. But I remember most all of them clear as day. Bobby found me on MySpace and we've been catching up on old times recently.

The boy in the red sweater in the photos (on the right in the last photo) was 25 when he passed on August 25th. Rest in peace, Tommy.

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  1. *big hug* That's really sweet, I've never seen photos of kid you. :)