Sunday, August 30

The quiet of the morning

It's so quiet this morning. So quiet and peaceful - the only sounds at the moment are the ceiling fan in the living room and the tapping of the keys as I write up this blog post. It's one of those mornings where the quiet is almost surreal; you think maybe you can reach out and touch it, but if you do, it might pop into a cacophony of noise and chaos.

I can sit here and almost pretend that yesterday wasn't as full and overstimulating as it was. The living room is still fairly neat, as is the kitchen. And aside from the leftover cake on the counter, you might think that we hadn't celebrated a birthday here. Which would be a lovely thought, because it's so hard to believe that my youngest is now two years old.

She's growing up so fast. I still remember when I posted that blog about how she'd weaned off nursing. Fifteen months of providing her with nourishment, late nights, bonding... and then she weaned and became that much more independent. In the months following BreMonster's weaning, she's become that much more independent every day since then.

BreMonster is trailing along after A-Girl, now. Getting into trouble with her sister; she really excels at getting her sister into trouble. She scales cabinets and countertops with grace and skill reserved only for monkeys and lemurs, recognizes letters of the alphabet, and comes bolting through the house for hugs when she hears Daddy's home from work. Yes, my BreMonster (BreMonkey?) has been growing and changing so much over the past year. Her second birthday was simply a reminder of how fast time is going by and how precious little we actually have.

My beautiful little girl, I love you so much.
And I really, really wish you would stop growing up so quickly.

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