Monday, August 31

It just comes naturally

There's been so much going on around here, it's been a little insane. Not really with me - no, no updates on the health, unfortunately - but simply with everything around the house. School time has started up once again, which means diving headlong into another year of schooling Miss A-Girl.

You know what I find interesting? I haven't really intentionally started teaching her again. She's asked about school and I told her we do it here at home, and if she wants to learn something, we'll learn. So she'll grab her notebook and a pen, take a seat at the dining room table and just go to town. She'll put random strings of letters together and ask me if they spell anything. If she wants to know about a particular word, all she wants me to do is write it once for her. After that, she's got it down pat.

I think she has my aversion to numbers, though, because she hasn't been asking about those.

I was most impressed with her writing today, which happened to be on an envelope when she couldn't find her regular notebook.

Pretty good for doing it on her own. I'm getting a curriculum tomorrow. The other stuff piled up on my plate demands that I have a curriculum to follow. I'll keep you all updated with how it goes. But for now? We've just been doing reading, writing, answering questions (and boy, does she have a lot), yoga and gymnastics. And some number flashcards. When Mommy feels up to it.

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