Wednesday, June 10

Wednesday Writing

I was so caught up in my plans to go for crab legs with my ever amazing mamas, Donna and Jeri, that I almost forgot to write a post. Never mind that yesterday was absolutely moot, as there was nothing of interest to write about. Well, there was, but I wasn't feeling up to writing about it.

So for today, I'm going to write about my passion: writing. Specifically things dealing with writer's block. I'm still forming good writing habits and all that, and sure, I've never been formally published, but as a struggling writer, I feel I'm able enough to commiserate with other writers. The whole struggling thing makes us comrades, see, and since we're in the trenches together we might as well swap stories.

As stated previously, I'm not a fan of books on how to write. They're not my thing and they seem to narrow the process of writing down into a process that you merely need to learn the steps of, and then you're done. I do, however, like tips and tricks that I can try out on my own and discard or keep as necessary, without feeling like I've failed at the whole process.

One of these has been journaling. You remember that - when you'd get those diaries when you were little and write all your secrets in them? Then you'd hide it in what you thought was the best hiding spot ever but really it's not because anybody not looking for it would actually find it? Yep. Except now, of course, it's a composition notebook covered in duct tape and hidden in my closet. Why is it hidden in my closet? Because little hands lurk about in my house, y'all.

Cute little hands.

But don't let the cuteness fool you.

Now that the gratuitously cute photo has been shared, back on topic. I write in my journal for however long I feel and as much as I want. I do, however, have a minimum time limit. Thirty minutes. And one hour maximum. I feel it's best to set some requirements and expectations, though I want the process to be as relaxed as possible.

The journaling has been therapeutic in so many ways. I can clear out that junk in my head that's blocking me from writing in my fictional pursuits. I can even simply sit and write about the fact that I'm having a difficult time continuing a scene. It's also an option to sit there and brain map. If I feel brain dead, I can simply doodle.

Or, I can come here and blog.


  1. Hello :) You're the blogger that posted in front of me today on roll call. I LOVE you blog layout - super, super cute. And I get what you're saying about owing a journal. Even though I have this blog, sometimes I still gravitate to my personal journal to write about personal matters. I find it absolutely, 100% therapeutic.

    Word veri : mulated - Love it!

  2. To write requires so much of a person that it makes alot of sense to use journalling as a tool.
    What an adorable little girl. Thanks for visiting my blog also.