Thursday, June 4

Health Update

I'm too lazy to find the first few postings, so just know that for those of you just joining, I've been having lovely health issues that I'm finally getting seen for recently. The problems have been narrowed down to tinnitus (ringing in the ear / hearing loss), coupled with recurrent vertigo.

So the ENG was today. Hooo that was so fun. (note sarcasm) The doc was super nice. We did a more in depth hearing test and I could tell there were things that were lacking, so we'll see where we end up on that front, if indeed that is separate from everything else. Hoping they'll find something to do about the tinnitus, this ringing is just unbearable. It makes me so sensitive to noise and loudness, makes me cranky and irritable... oi.

On to the ENG. I had no video goggles (super disappointed, I was all set and ready to pull off my best Star Trek look), but instead there were about five or six electrodes taped to my face to monitor eye movement - and maybe possible brain activity? (I know, what do they think they were looking for?)

Did the sit up, lie back test and of course nothing happened. On the day of the test, you will be healthy as a horse. Then came watching the light go back and forth, up and down, slowly and then at varying speeds, and then it jumped all around. Oodles of fun as my eyes spazzed.

And then came the water. I'd been told it was air, apparently it's water. Shot into your ear canal. With a little cone thing. Blech. First the cold, which made my eyes jiggle around like a pair of dice in a Yahtzee cup. All well and good, I can handle that. It was the warm/hot water (think like a hot tub-ish) that made me dizzy and woozy.

All during the time after the water was done and he was monitoring until everything settled, he was asking me questions: states that begin with letter (insert here), boy/girl names that start with the letter (insert here), animals that start with the letter (insert here). Now, to really set the stage, the way I was feeling directly after these blasts of water was something akin to being drunk and high, but not in a good way. And here is what I learned:

  • I know no other states that start with K besides Kentucky.
  • I was retaught that Canada is not, in fact, a State.
  • The only animal/bug that starts with G that I can think of is a Gorilla.
  • The only state that begins with the letter M is Massachusetts.
  • I am capable of remembering that Georgia is not only a state in the US, it is also a country somewhere near Russia.
  • I obviously don't care about France, because I couldn't think of any countries starting with F.
-My apologies to all my teachers. You try thinking when your head's spinning like that.

My left side was distinctly less severe than my right. I don't know if that has any bearing on the results, and now it's more of the waiting game until Dr. Lemay reads the outcome of the tests and sends the report on to Dr. Beall for the final analysis.

Bless you all for the thoughts, prayers, love and support.

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