Wednesday, June 3

My body hates me

aka - Fast Food Binges Suck

No, really, it does. I swear it. We'd been eating a ton of fast food lately, so when this past payday rolled around, my brilliant self said, "No more!" To be honest, the stuff is crap, anyway, and wreaks havoc on my system. Don't believe me? Skip eating at McDonald's for two or three months. Then go back - order anything on the menu. Your toilet will hate you and your plumber will giggle.

So I've ventured back toward my crunchy roots. It's nice to lay back and enjoy convenience for a period of time, but it makes me feel so craptastic, I'm running back to my oven in no time. In addition to eating at home more often, I decided to also get back in the routine of doing yoga every morning. I found some videos on YouTube and put together a one hour session that has been working wonders.

But then came detoxing from the nastiness that is fast food. I did a detox yoga routine for a day or two and oh, my goodness. In addition to all the gastrointestinal issues while the nasty stuff from the fast food was working its way out? Migraines. Skull splitting, vomit-inducing migraines. Slammed with two of them in the space of two weeks. Thank goodness for short naps, super hot showers, acupressure and breathing exercises.

Oh, and Excedrin and Coke. No, I am not above over the counter remedies while I'm in the middle of texting MarvMan, begging him to take me to the hospital so I can get shot up with Demerol or beg for Morphine.

Now, thankfully, I'm over the detox period. Just in time for what? Oh, that's right. The weight gain / loss fluctuation that comes with changing my eating habits until my body figures out what's going on. Lost three pounds, gained one, lost two pounds, gained three, lost one. Then two pounds. Overnight. What?! My body hates me.

My apology to it won't be actualized until the long term, but I hope that it accepts it sometime soon.

After all, we're starting cardio next week.


  1. Tell me about it. It is hard to keep up with working out, but yoga is fun. I have tried it and love it! My goal lately has been to go jogging and it has made me feel so much better! Welcome to SITS! ;)

  2. Thank you so much! I'm super excited - surprisingly enough, more to read everyone else's blogs than anything else, haha!

    I've been begging MarvMan for a bike - a BMX one, for tricks - so I can hit up the skate park and maybe get in some extra exercise that way.