Monday, May 18

Lost but not gone

At least I hope. No, never you fear, I haven't lost a person. [prayers and positive vibes for my Gram and Grandma, of course] I believe I mentioned previously about Kaylee's hard drive frying out. [Kaylee's my Mac Mini.] Total user error and the amazing people at Apple hooked me up and fixed her in no time at all. I've got her back and have been happily enjoying Leopard and all the other perks of being a Mac user / owner all over again.

Well, there's an ironic twist to the entire tale. For those who may not know me, I love to write. It's something I hope to make a career out of. It's a passion that has not died since the day I won my first poetry contest in the fourth grade. In fact, that accomplishment and the blue ribbon that accompanied it only served to further my dream that one day, I would be a writer who was actually paid for her work.

Fast forward to Kaylee frying out. Trust me, there's not much interesting writing wise in between then and now, save for a few glorious escapades in fan fiction, and a few aborted novel manuscripts. The interesting twist of irony in this entire tale is that when Kaylee fried, I was actually attempting a backup of sorts. Going through, cleaning off the hard drive and backing up the important files. What didn't get backed up before she died on me?

You got it. My writing folder. Everything I had ever written or worked on in the last six months (or in some cases, in a year) is gone. Gone, gone, gone. Everything. However... thanks to my fabulous sister, Jess, I am taking this in stride.

Today I embarked upon a cleaning of the desk, to involve a ritual to cleanse the desk, and Kayles, of any negative energy, essentially turning my desk into a workspace of positivity and creativity.

See? It's working already - I'm blogging!

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