Saturday, May 16

I needed a win

So I decided to blog. If I accomplish nothing else today, it shall be this.

I never dreamed attempting to juggle college and parenting would be such a challenge. I thought I had it handled, I thought, "Hey, this is a breeze. I can totally do this." Apparently not so much.

College in and of itself is deceiving, though. They toss you these easy courses, supposedly with the attempt of "easing" you into it. Lies, all of them. Things are easy, one settles into the routine that comes with the easy courses and then - BAM! Eight page research paper coupled with in-depth discussion posts on plagiarism that need to amount to essays in and of themselves, what it is, and the avoidance thereof.

I think this is the third class in which I've had to discuss plagiarism. How difficult a concept is it? I struggle with ensuring everything is cited properly, but I think given that we're all in college, we would know what plagiarism is and the consequences thereof.

Regardless, for this current class, it all boils down to a research paper. An eight. Page. Research. Paper. How insane. I love the research part. Digging up information isn't the problem. It's connecting the dots and writing a piece of non-fiction that someone else has dictated I must write that I seem to have a problem with. It would be so much easier if this paper would simply write itself.


  1. I felt that way about school as a kid, too. I got tossed easy crap and then one day they asked me for something I was in no way prepared for. There is such a thing as baby steps, people!
    You, my dear, are an amazing, super, wonderful, truly great woman of many talents and you can do this. With flair and style.
    (my word verification is pesteroo. hehehe.)

  2. Bless you for the vote of confidence. I heart you so much.