Sunday, December 28

Post Holiday Update

Oh my gosh. I can't believe we survived the holidays. Yes, yes, there's Hogmanay (the New Year) right around the corner but that is the cap on the pressure valve being released. There's still residual anxiety over whether family and friends actually liked their gifts or not, but overall, I've got a great feeling about this past holiday rush. It was fun.

I got some very awesome presents this year. Not a lot, but what I got was just wonderful. Some favorites:

Black Carhartt vest and cowboy hat! I'm so city it's not even funny, but Marv delights in gifting me with these things and I so love it. They're my shiny and I love them. See? The hemp bracelet on my wrist was made by my sister Stacey. She's so talented!

J.R. Ward's The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide. When I finally stopped drooling long enough to crack it open, I haven't been able to put it down.

Gratitude Games - Honestly, I really need to write up an entire blog post about this alone, and I will later tonight. Gratitude Games are so so fun, and have been teaching my girls a usually hard to grasp concept quite quickly, and has really brought MarvMan and I closer together. More on that later. But they're so amazing and I do promise a post all for that alone.

Of course, now, we've taken down the tree and the house is (mostly) back to normal. MarvMan is still off work, which is nice, so we've been spending time together and relaxing as much as we can. We went off road yesterday to take the kids sledding and saw some awesome views. It was great, really.

How can you not enjoy it with views like this? What I should point out is that around our actual house, the snow is extremely bare. Out where we were driving around, we were looking at 2 inches of previous snowfall with a good inch or so more of fresh powder on top. It was very nice and the kids had a blast in the snow.

I'm really looking forward to the new year, though. The new year means school will be starting for me - I'm finally going back to college, yay! And we'll be starting some new pre-K curriculum for Anaya. It also means tax time is around the corner and I've got my fingers crossed for a decent return. I've got plans for small portions of that money.

But overall, I'm really quite content with the way this past year has gone. I'm sure there will be more reflective posts to come prior to the actual end of the year. I might even wax poetic about my newfound loves for alpaca wool yarn and assorted types of coffee. Mmm... Speaking of, I believe I need a refill.


  1. I'm so glad you had fun over the holiday but I have to express my shock and disbelief... you've not been in love with alpaca this whole time!?! You poor thing.

  2. i just read your blog about your daughter weaning. my son (#4) just weaned himself as well. I am very sad! I nursed my last two for 2 1/2 years and just assumed this one would be the same. I love that you are a young mom and doing your own thing. I too had 2 littles at 24 and attended college as a mom of two and of three. I'm from Massachusetts originally where no one has kids until their 30's and never more than 2. 3 children is considered CRAZY! oh,also i feel compelled to read my son's copy of Twilight now. Your comments are the first negative ones i have heard, but also the first to make me want to read it. Weird right?