Friday, January 2

The City Girl in Me Made a Break For It

For Christmas, MarvMan and I got gift cards to our favorite stores from his Dad and wonderful wife, Joan. MarvMan's gift card was to Cabela's. Mine was to Victoria's Secret. This trip involved going to Reno and oh, my goodness gracious.

Out here in Fallon, there's no getting around it. You've got to adapt to the "you're living in the middle of nowhere" lifestyle. Lots of outdoor activities and the biggest place to shop here is the Wal-Mart Super Center.

Now, mind you, I don't mind it one bit. I'm a bargain shopper, love the thrift store anyway, and MarvMan's rubbed off on me enough that I really enjoy the outdoors-y stuff. But getting to go shopping in Reno? Ohhhh, good grief on a cracker it was beautiful.

Because of the kids, we didn't get to go around to too many stores, but ah, to walk into Victoria's Secret with the intent to purchase! Lovely and wonderful and oh, so very therapeutic. And of course, what do I come out of there with? Pajama pants and a new shirt.

All of this is fabulously justifiable, though. I'm starting college on Tuesday! I need the appropriate dorm wear, even if I'm not living in a dorm! (I'm attending school online.) One must follow suit and trust me, these boyfriend fit Pink pants? Fricking awesome. If I could get MarvMan off his butt to take a photo, I would add it.

It also makes me feel super fab because when I shop at VS, I'm actually in a medium like I know I am. Not in a large like other brands are. VS actually takes into account the fact that a medium woman might actually have a rack up top and still be slim in the torso and waist area.

Though I've actually got the curves to match the rack. I'm feeling quite in love with myself since slipping into these VS jams and they're not even the super sexy ones! I need to go look at myself in the mirror again...

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  1. Can you say jealous? I love some of the stuff at VS, but sadly, even ignoring the fact that they don't carry size SoHugeThatICouldBeTwoPeople in clothing, the bras I found in my size were few(like, 3) and ugly. Oh, and padded. Excuse my blunt nature, but if I am already a DDD, why would I need padding? Hmm?
    I hope you can get him to take pictures!