Saturday, December 6

Change is good

Especially when it comes in the form of a hair cut. I love the feeling after a hair cut. Actually, I lied. If I could and had reason to, I would probably get my hair cut every week. The whole experience is exhilerating.

I should probably explain that while I don't necessarily choose to be an enormously social person, I do enjoy the opportunity to go out and observe or interact with other people. And a hair salon is this fabulous buffet of people and personalities and oh, the things that go on in there.

So not only do I get to come out of there feeling refreshed and like a new woman, I get some social interaction and to indulge my people watching tendencies. (I should also note that in no way am I one of those "weird" voyeurs. I prefer to watch people in social situations. Restaurants, hair salons, book stores in particular, so on.)

My stylist, Kimmy, was fabulous. I love when the stylist is conversational. And not in a transparently fake Starbucks barista way. Though I'd love to be a barista for a day. Especially for the coffee.

Anyway, before I wax poetic about coffee in general, Kimmy was amazing. Quick with the scissors and oh, my word she's so funny. I think I loved all the women at that shop, actually. I also love my new hair cut.


I'm noticing most of my blog posts are getting interrupted. This is, of course, not cool. Specifically this one wasn't interrupted by anyone. Instead, it was interrupted by a power outage. Leaving this in closing to remind myself to expound upon my quite possibly immature fear of the dark at a later date.

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