Wednesday, December 17

Wednesday Writing Prompt

It's been a bit since I've updated. I'm horrible about these things, as my interest waxes and wanes so very much. Keeping up with me, I'm sure is like keeping up with ... something flighty. I can't quite think at the moment.

Which is also why I'm blogging. Hoping to stretch the fingers a bit and work out the kinks in the brainpan before I start writing for the day. I've got two projects I'm working on at the moment. One is for me, the other is for a dear dear friend. Every year for the past few years we've been doing a Christmas story exchange. Generally, for ease of writing, it's fanfiction. Also, we split it up into little parcels and start giving each other chunks of the story starting on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) up through Hogmanay (the New Year).

I'm super excited about it. Coming straight off NaNoWriMo, churning it out shouldn't be hard. It's in a new fandom, but I'm also excited about that part, too! My friend shared a small snippet of mine with me and oh, I'm stoked!

The other project is a general fiction sort of project. I haven't quite worked it all out. The opening scene has a woman waking up in a hotel room with a man from a band she went to see the previous night. She was drunk and therefore barely remembers leaving the venue, let alone sleeping with the man. I'm not sure where it's going to go from there, but we'll see. it's slowly rolling along.

I've been trying to keep pace with my 1000 words a day, but with gift making and Christmas coming up, it's decreased to 500. Ah, well, as long as I'm writing something, right?

So... here's my writing prompt for Wednesday (assuming this becomes a regular thing): You (or your character) has a shot at fame and fortune with someone they've been pining after but aren't sure it's love. Why would they turn it down?

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