Friday, December 5

Friday Blase

I had every intention of posting something deep and insightful today, and possibly including part two of my Mom-pologetics post from yesterday. But yesterday was my birthday and as it turned out nothing like a day of celebrating my birth ought to, I've devoted today to recovering. Which means doing a lot of absolutely nothing.

And that, of course, is a bit of a lie. Because I have brewed some coffee. A whole pot, in fact. Then proceeded to drink most of it on my own, minus the two or so cups that went into the husband's thermos. And I've been listening to Kate Nash. Slowly but surely, my music library is expanding. I'm very excited about the addition of several new female artists. There simply aren't enough in the world.

I also did some laundry. You know, to continue the seven piles's worth of fun I had yesterday. On. My. Birthday.

Isn't it interesting? The older I've gotten the more importance I've placed on my birthdays. And not so much by way of receiving gifts, but every year hoping and praying that I'll get an actual day off to lay around and do absolutely nothing. Sadly, however, since I've moved out of the house, it's neer come true. But the hope remains.

(much later)

Funny how I started this post so much earlier in the day and the rest of it has just slipped by. Amazing how children can do that, make an entire day disappear and before you know it, you're sitting in front of your computer, trying to remember the entire point of what you were writing about in the first place.

So with that final moment of "Huh?" for the evening, I'll sign off and pray I'm more intelligently coherent tomorrow.

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