Tuesday, October 7

Hoo boy.

So I've been tweeting. A lot. You know, on Twitter? (see side of blog for my Tweet feed) My strangeness is starting to come out even moreso. See, I'd been thinking that maybe I could appear to be a pretty awesome sort of domestic diva. But I've gotta tell you... I'm not. Not really, anyway.

Well, what I mean is, I try. And I do. Really. I do. But there's a couple roadblocks in the way.

1. I'm a klutz. Big time klutz. I should not be trusted with sharp objects, I tend to fall a lot. Opening a bag of M&Ms (or even rice) is a dangerous mission and I should be given a ten foot radius.
2. I'm easily distracted. Very... easily... ooh, shiny! Tends to leave a lot of half finished projects.
3. What?
4. I go through phases where I really miss being in the military.

That's kind of scary, considering when I was in I couldn't wait for my enlistment to be up. But then, being at home doesn't always get me the respect I could demand were I still in.

Anyway, expect strangeness to abound. I intend to utilize this blog more. And it could get stranger over time. Who knows? But this is a blog, I'm slightly narcissistic (should I have included that in my list above?) and if you don't like it, you don't have to come back.

It would be really cool if you did, though.

Just so I know I'm not alone out here on the interwebz.

*cricket, cricket*

1 comment:

  1. A few home truths.
    1)You ARE weird. It's a gift, embrace it.
    2)The domestic dive route... not so much. Few people are really that good.
    3)I really did forget what I was going to put here. Rest assured, it was original and witty.
    4)The blog is ABOUT YOU, it's license to be narci... narsis... yeah. you know what I mean.