Thursday, October 9

And then there were three

I have absolutely no idea what came over me. Most likely it's my ADD kicked in coupled with some health issues as of late. (Don't worry, I don't have the Plague or anything. I'm just spawning some zombie kittens.) But whatever the true reasoning may be, I've got three projects going at the moment.

Yes, that's right. Three.

I went through and finally started the process of untangling my yarn that the kids had attacked and strung all over the living room, and then got to work on the skirt, then before I knew it... well, I got here:

The white is for some things for the shop, the green is the skirt (I've been having a thing for green lately), and the wee thing on top of the skirt is the beginning of a base of a coffee mug. It's part of a set I'm whipping up for Darcy. Don't mind the red. it was part of the Great Untangling event and decided to hop in the picture.

I'm not sure what I'm doing with the skirt at the moment, or even if I've gotten it right so far. I'm horrid when it comes to following patterns. For as literate as I am, I feel like I'm looking at some sort of ancient language when I look at the pattern for the skirt. Sad part? The pattern says it's easy.

Exhibit #1:

I hope I've got it right til this point. I have to admit I sidetracked myself when it came to the fourth row and I got all sorts of confused about the crocheting into the ch-2 space two rows below. It sounds like something pirates might chant on their ship. Or something.

But if all else fails, I still have...

All of this to play with. Plus there's some in that cabinet, too. Yes, they look like drawers but they're a face for the cabinet. That used to be a drawer. But it broke. So Marv the Man got creative for me and turned it into a cabinet. With a locking door. That I should probably use if I hope to get my kids to leave my yarn alone.

And if you look closely, there's a grey w/ pink and black argyle sock hanging out of the basket in the back. Those will be arm warmers for the not-so-small-anymore one. (aka my oldest) Photos of that to come later today!


  1. Ooooh, the skirt is coming along!!! All you have to do is get down the 4 rows of shells and you can do it. Seriously, other than changing hook size partway through, that's it. Easy peasy.
    And one day soon, I should take a picture of my stash for you. Yours is so cute and tidy... oh, I have one of those same yarn baskets, mine has a brown interior. Yo, ho, a pirates life for me!

  2. That skirt is going to look pretty Lin...good work!!