Thursday, October 9

Embarrassing Confession, Mix CD 1

I was chatting with my good friend Donna earlier and we were talking about mix tapes, which were subsequently taken over by mix CDs. It just so happens that when I was in technical school for my job in the Navy, my family sent me my entire collection of CDs. In this CD book is every CD I've ever purchased, burned, and...


So I've decided to share with you a play list I kept in my very first car. I would ride around the streets of rural Eastern Pennsylvania thinking I was the baddest of the bad. In my '94 Plymouth Sundance. My white '94 Plymouth Sundance. And this CD

Title: Jersey*'s Sweet Ride Mix
Mixed: 3/24/02
Red Letter Day - LFO
What About Us - Brandy
The Little Things - Good Charlotte
Run Away - Linkin Park
Nocturnal Transmission - BT
Deep Enough - Live
Debonair - Dope
Mercedes Benz - Say Yes
Superstar - Saliva
Watch Your Back - Benny Cassette
East Coast Anthem - Good Charlotte
Life Ain't a Game - Ja Rule
Sex U Up - LFO
Area Codes - Ludacris
Back That Thang Up - Juvenile
Furious - Ja Rule
POV City Anthem - Caddillac Tah
She Get It From Her Mama - Juvenile

So I pretty much jacked the Fast and the Furious soundtrack. And a couple other things. I'm also noticing all the seemingly risque stuff was hidden at the end. Rap / hip-hop was almost forbidden in my house, which made it that much more appealing.

I'm flipping through now and remembering all the good times. The times I thought for sure I was gonna go to the West Coast and make it famous. Or open a club in Boston.

Now, I'm a Mama, married into the military... and I still love my life. Pretty damn good when you can look back over the past, all your old goals and dreams and still say you're satisfied and content with where you are now.

*Jersey is an old nickname that only two other people knew about until now. I was told I spoke like a person from Jersey, and was also a huge fan of Coyote Ugly.

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  1. there is nothing wrong with lfo! i like us just fine. :)
    i think we'll have to release some new songs for your next playlist!
    - brad LFO