Friday, October 10

Confessions Redux, Part Deux

It seems I might have gained myself a new reader on this blog. Hello, there. Good to know I'm not spouting my crazy thoughts into a void. Or at least to a very small following. Regardless, perhaps I should continue.

One more Mix CD Confession and things should be evened out, because this will reveal the full extent of my dorkification and then I can go back to blogging about crocheting and being a housewife and people will get bored.

The next one has "Mix (1st Try)" written on it. So I know for sure I mixed this in either my junior or senior year, maybe that summer... I can't quite remember. But be forewarned for my more "hardcore" readers. I loved "boy bands". (Still do *blush*)

Title: Mix (1st Try)
Mix Date: Unknown
Rock the Party - P.O.D. (extended mix? i think?)
Thundercats - Relient K
Bring in the Noise - N'Sync
The Call - Backstreet Boys
Who's Got My Back? - Creed
Forever - LFO (oh, hey, look who's there again? i remember deciding i needed a happy song after the Creed track)
A Techno Track (i honestly don't know. i know for sure it came off one of my BreakBeat Science albums, but that's the best i can give)
I've Got the Power - Snap
Cinderella - Britney Spears (i'm cringing to admit it...)
My Ding a Ling - Chuck Berry
Misery - Pink feat Steven Tyler
Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay
Wedding Peach - an anime track...
Low Rider - War
Gravity - LFO

Bonus points to whoever can guess who my favorite group was.

I can't believe I ever thought I was / could be a DJ. The songs have absolutely no cohesive flow whatsoever! But that's the joy of mix CDs, no? Maybe I should put it on shuffle.

For the record, it so was LFO. Without a doubt. I got caught up in military life and now married with kids life after I heard they'd split. I remember being so heartbroken! I only lived in PA but never got to see them in concert, can you believe it? And, to respond to a comment from the previous blog - they should release some new songs for a new mix. I'd put at least three per mix CD. Promise. *wink*

So until I have some project pictures to show, I've got to go back to reality - my smallest one needs a nap and once she's sleeping, my oldest needs some music education.

Life truly is good. ;)

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  1. Well we love that you love(d) LFO. And I'll do my best to make sure any reunion tour we do (which could hypothetically happen next spring/summer) hits PA!
    Enjoy being a Mom and Wife. Definitely the most important job you'll ever have.