Monday, October 13

Coffee Set, Part 1

I arranged a trade with a wonderful mama on Granola Chicks. I'm getting some things for the family, and she's getting a crocheted coffee set! What does the set include? Well, that's why I'm posting here! Here's Part 1 - one of the coffee mugs:

This one is the first one that's been crocheted entirely out of wool yarn. Normally I work with cotton - it's cost effective and overall the easiest to work with. But I have to say, the wool has been bending to my will quite nicely! (My inner control freak surfaces.)

Francesca the coffee mug will be joined by a partner - Frank - as well as a sugar bowl and a small pitcher of cream. Photos to come as they're completed!


  1. I love it, and I love the set we have here! We even have little cupcakes too! Lin is VERY talented!

  2. You have been photo tagged!