Tuesday, September 30

I'm not neglecting this place

I just have major avoidance issues when I fall behind on a project I was doing so well with to start out. Isn't that how it usually goes, though? You start out strong and then all of a sudden things crop up and get in the way and it's all just a sort of mess?

Anyhow, to keep you all entertained in the meantime, Brandy from Stitchblade seems intent upon getting me to expose myself. (I know, she's crazy, right? It's in the best way possible of course, but still!) But isn't that what a blog is for? Exposing yourself? So here I go with...

Ten Random Facts About Me

  • I have a nose piercing
  • I have six tattoos with the intent of getting more
  • I am attempting to write a book
  • I procrastinate... a lot... like a LOT a lot
  • Every day I wear at least one handmade article of clothing or accessory
  • I'm obsessed with hats/head accessories
  • I love reading
  • Secretly I really enjoy being "domestic"
  • I am prior active duty Navy, and I miss it
  • I love Chinese buffets
Phew, that wasn't as difficult as I thought. I'm supposed to send it on, but I haven't quite been reading other people's blogs very often (shame on me, I know), so I'm going to have to leave this here and say:
If you read this and haven't done it yet - do it! Do it now! And link it to me, baby!

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