Tuesday, September 9

Stagnancy. Not Yet Procrastination!

Yesterday was a huge blur of working on the computer. And, surprisingly, not once did I manage to pop in here. Go figure, I know. But, because I was so busy, I didn't get any knitting done. Sad me.

However, I'm finding it to be a good thing that at least I'm keeping busy, rather than just procrastinating getting the project done. My projected finish date is sometime near the end of the week, which is still achievable! I can still do it!

Would you like to know what I was doing yesterday? You got it, kiddos.

Author Portfolio

Yes, that is indeed me and my writings! Yay! I got this awesome gig working for Miracle Diapers for their Communication & Correspondence Team, which has me so stoked! Woo! Can't wait to help them do amazing things for people!

I've got a massive to do list today, but I'm hoping to have some update photos for y'all tonight! Later!