Wednesday, October 1

It Is Finished

Finally! Finally! Finally! The neck warmer is complete! Truly, it is!


I went a little bit longer than the 16 inches the pattern requires for and I kept the buttons really simple. Just because by the time I got to that point, I wanted to put it on the list of completed projects sooooo badly.

That and I have the Granola Chicks Crafty Holiday Time Swap to get to crafting for! Look out for action pics of the neck warmer to come later today - I've been super busy and have some amateur photography to show off later!

Until then, enjoy some awesome crochet by my dear friend Mel that I recently received!


  1. awesome job!
    I love the pic of you too!

  2. That looks awesome! How is it on? I have a ginormous neck, it seems, mine didn't fit. I did make up a pattern for one in crochet, lol. I love the buttons.
    You know, you look cute in that hat, your friend must be talented. I know, lame, but I amuse myself so it's all good.