Monday, November 2

Who doesn't love a man in uniform?

Our weekend was positively full. Any of my friends on Facebook can tell you that Friday was a screwy day for me. I mixed up what day it was - I thought it was Saturday, but was still operating on a Friday schedule. Goes to show how mixed up things can get when MarvMan has a day off. Regardless of the day off, we had to get snazzed up.

That afternoon, we had a rededication to attend. All summer long, MarvMan and a small crew of others from a few commands around the base were painting and fixing up the aircraft on display at Air Power Park here on NAS Fallon. The park is a testament to the long standing tradition and might of Naval aviation. It's truly a beautiful sight to see, especially if you're an aircraft aficionado. 

I was armed with a camera. My BlackBerry Storm, but a camera nonetheless.

There were men in uniform to be photographed. Of course I had my camera.

MarvMan painted the girls' names on one of the aircraft because they'd gone out to the park a few times with him over the summer to help wash the jets. The guys on the crew love the girls - and they think the world of all those guys.

I am such a proud wife and mama - even when the going gets tough. GO NAVY!

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  1. Good for you! Being proud of your family is such a great attribute to have as a mother/wife. So many times I see women belittling their husbands to their friends, and I just hate it. This post is so great because you are celebrating your family with obvious love and pride.