Monday, November 30

Excuses, excuses, excuses

I realize that I don't think I ever got around to explaining why I dropped out of NaNoWriMo '09. In fact, after my last post, I haven't really blogged at all.

This photo has practically nothing to do with the post.
I just wanted to show off my mad crochet skills.

Well. This is just to tell you that I promise I'll get to it.

It's just that...

My dog died. (Actually, we are down to only one dog now, but that wasn't necessarily a sad occasion. Again, more in another post.)

My.... kids ate my homework?

Let's just say that I will make it up to you via commentary love on the blogs that I follow today. And I'll be posting a bit of a video.

Monday Question of the Day:
What do you think about video blogging or "vlogging"? As a mother/artisan/woman/student/insert your favorite title here, what would you want most out of a vlog?
Or... do you hate vlogs?

Have a fantastic Monday, and I hope it's a refreshing start to your week!

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