Wednesday, October 14

So much to do, so little time

Oh, my goodness. Things have been absolutely insane around here. I'm actually taking some time to update around here on a day when the girls are sick. They're taking their naps and I'm trying to watch Dog Whisperer on NatGeo while the linens are washing.

ENG125 is finally over. It really wasn't all that bad until the TA turned out to be supremely frustrating to work with. It's apparently a bit difficult to attend college online these days while using a Mac. Regardless, I'm doing it. Why? Because I'm not buying a Microsuck machine just to get through college. So head down and boring through it we go.

Homeschooling has been a bit scattered. We're doing a combination of workbooks (we've been scoring some really good ones from the Dollar Tree) and a Montessori curriculum I purchased. It's been going well. A-Girl is on a Kindergarten level for pretty much everything, and she's already nudging into 1st grade level territory, which is as thrilling as it is a reminder that she's growing up way too fast.

Meanwhile, MarvMan got himself back into the swing of college, which means both of us are attending and of course it's making things a little hectic. As is keeping up with the house.

I swear I'll be updating more, because there's so much to talk about. But in the meantime, you can always check me out over on Blissfully Domestic, as I'm now contributing there as well!

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