Tuesday, June 23

Oh, Tuesday

I had all sorts of ideas rolling around in my head for what I was planning on doing for the blog today. I was going to do one thing or another, it was going to be amazing and poetic, perhaps even a little philosophical. And then I got distracted. Why? Because of a number of things.

1- The plans for the LFO concert in July are finite! Everything is in place, everything is rolling along smoothly, all I need is for it to be July already!! (For those interested, LFO is now on Facebook as well! Go become a friend, be a fan - they're wonderful to their fans and I love them all dearly.)

2- I found out that my physical therapy for my dizzy spells / nerve damage in the ear / balance therapy / brain reprogramming will be starting next week and I'm super excited and hopeful and grateful things are rolling smoothly for that. Link to the post that explains the diagnosis and what's wrong with me. (Well, okay, one of many issues. ;) )

3- I'm super busy trying to overcome a bunch of setbacks for the Threadcakes cake competition I'm entering in. I could really use and would love the prizes, and cake decorating is a hobby of mine, sooooo... That's where we are with that.

So far, I've had to bake three different cakes. The first one fell apart coming out of the pan. I should probably note I'm a total amateur and have no formal training whatsoever. I also have barely any "professional" baking supplies except things I've picked up at Wal-Mart as needed. So springform pans? Out of the question. Don't have 'em, no time to pick 'em up. The second one sort of came out - a piece broke off the bottom and I was simply going to fix it with frosting. Then BreMonster got a hold of it.

The initial plan was to fill with frosting and go from there, but I tried one more time to bake a backup cake. You know, just in case. It came out a million times better.

I'm so charming, aren't I?

More pics to come tomorrow. I've got fondant to play with.


  1. stopping by from SITS to say Hi! :)

  2. Yay for your LFO plans :)!
    &&I could eat some cake right now, instead I'll settle for some blueberry pancakes.
    &&&I love your new layout. A lot. Let me know when you're finished with it - ha!

  3. Good luck w/the fondant. I love baking & decorating cakes (piping the frosting on anyway) but I've yet to deal w/fondant. It scares me! Stopping in from SITS to welcome you!

  4. Have fun at your LFO concert!

    Stopping by to welcome you to the SITS community! It's great to have you as a SITSta!

  5. I bake cakes too, if only to use them to smash peoples' faces in...

  6. I love to bake cakes too...in fact I posted a recipe today that is so perfect for summer!

    Welcome to SITS!