Friday, June 12

My SAHM Morning

For those that don't know, SAHM means stay at home mom. I do work from the home as well, which makes me a WAHM, but there was no "work" involved in this morning's story, per se. Not the kind that would normally qualify as work, anyhow. What was involved, however, was a lot of frustration. Anyone who thinks a SAHM doesn't do anything? Pay attention. Because this was just my morning.

It's been one of "those" days so far.

Was in the middle of making bread when Anaya got up. Lucy (dog we're dog sitting) and Washburn had been let out of the bedroom and were wrestling in the hallway. Anaya was just trying to get out of the hallway, so I went to open the door. Beaned her head with the doorknob. Apologized and proceeded to let the dogs out.

Put Lucy's canned food (this is important later) in her bowl inside, took a bowl of food outside to Wash. Let Lucy in to eat. By this point Breanne was up but I needed to get the bread dough done so she stayed in her room.

Proceeded to go about finishing the bread dough while arguing with Anaya about whether or not she was going to have a PB sandwich or oatmeal for breakfast. She wanted a PB sandwich, the reason I'm making bread is because I have none. She didn't want oatmeal. So I told her if she didn't want oatmeal I guess she wasn't eating.

After finally getting the bread dough kneaded I realize I completely spaced on the oil that goes into the recipe. Said screw it and called it good, oiled it and set it aside to rise. At that point Breanne could no longer be ignored, so I went to get her and changed a diaper that could, in fact, legally be considered biological hazmat.

I went to the garbage can to throw something away shortly after dealing with the hazmat and promptly sliced open not just one but two fingers on the lid of the aforementioned can of dog food. And while I'm bleeding and cussing up a storm, Breanne found her way to the baby gate and has started yelling at me because she's hungry.

Shut your gob! I'm bleeding!

I made that girl the world's biggest bowl of oatmeal and set her up to eat in her high chair and then made Anaya a bowl of oatmeal. Which she promptly took two bites out of and decided she didn't want it so she got up from the table. Note to self: Next time if she's that insistent on having something with peanut butter in it, shove a glob of peanut butter in the oatmeal. That'll teach her.

And then Marv, my wonderful, loving, amazing husband who is currently on night shift, got up. Why? Because he was called in to work. At 11 am. So now he's going to be gone and will only be back briefly around two. And then off to work again until 10 pm.

Who's gonna come kiss my boo boo and make it better?

Where's that serenity prayer when I need it?


This post was initially published November 12, 2008


  1. You poor thing, that's sound painful!! I hope the rest of your day is calmer.

  2. I have totally done that on cans before. OUCH!!! Being a stay at home mom has been the best, but hardest job I've ever had. And I have the most wounds to show for it!

  3. sorry to hear about your lousy morning :-(

    Stopping by from SITS to say "hi" and welcome. I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers.

    Please put up the SITS widget when you get a chance so that people will know to stop and comment! thanks..
    carma :-)