Wednesday, April 22

What the Crap, Yo?

Was the title lame enough for you? Because only people who truly care will dare to read on beyond this. I'm kidding. Perhaps if you're extremely bored you will. But my hoards of minions (read: the four or five people who frequent this place) will certainly be interested.

Most of you know all this, so feel free to skim if you're already up to date. For the rest of you, I'll explain my lengthy absences as best I can. No, there is no note from my doctor. I'm sorry, I promise I'll make up the extra homework I'm sure I missed. And can I get an extension on that research paper?

Things have been tumultuous, to say the extreme least. There was the trip to South Dakota, which was approximately three weeks long. Three weeks of enough internet connection to get college work done, and that was it. I think I was able to upload some photos and whatnot to Facebook, but that was during extremely lucky times. I did enjoy the tech break, though. It was nice to get back to normal, non-text life for awhile.

Fast forward to our grand arrival back here in the middle-of-nowhere, Nevada. After a couple days' worth of a breather, we're back into full swing. Somewhere in between then and now, we acquired the following:

A new truck:

And a new dog:
Thing is, the new dog was acquired barely a week before MarvMan's departure to Virginia for some more technical training. And so... I've been cleaning up puppy accidents since he's been gone. In addition to finishing up ENG121 and just this week getting into ENG122. And taking care of the girls. The house. Both dogs. Somewhere in there, myself.

So my deepest apologies to my followers on here. I promise I'll do my best to keep up more often. I've got a few drafts saved, so trust me that there's material up my sleeve. It's just a matter of finding the time to breathe long enough to post new blogs. But I promise, promise, promise I'll do what I can. I've missed you all on here. xoxo


  1. but what a cute puppy it is. Glad I don't have to clean up puppy messes, I have enough kid messes to deal with.

  2. Aw, thanks. Yeah, it's been interesting cleaning up the puppy messes, lol. But he's gotten oodles better now, thank goodness!