Thursday, January 22

Rock Your Wire Rocks My World

Ever since I came across the vortex earrings in the Rock Your Wire Etsy shop, I knew I had to have them. It was the epitome of Wayne's World moments for me. "They will be mine. Oh, yes, they will be mine."

But I had to wait. And plot, and plan. Because money had been tight. Of course, once payday hit, there was no more cinching of the belt and I had spending money!! And I threw in a new nose ring, to boot. Why? Because I could. And that's the only reason anyone will ever need.

They're mine! They're all mine! (insert maniacal laughter here)

And yes, I've got quite the wish list for more stuff from her shop. You should go check it out. Amazing designs, fabulous customer service and efficient shipping!! Go on, go!!

(I'm totally aware of the blurriness of the photos. MarvMan doesn't do photo taking, apparently, and my hands were shaky.)


  1. Ah, the famous earings and nose stud! I LOVE them! And those pictures of you are sheer gorgeousness, my darling.

  2. I love that shop, thanks for posting about it!

  3. Awesome shop there, and i love the blog! You truely are a rather interesting person.. cant wait to see where Ashford takes you in the future! Drop me a line..