Tuesday, January 27

Gratitude, Gratitude, All Around

Recently, I took up yoga again. I've always been sort of off and on about it - it's always intrigued me, but of course, I never kept up with it. Over on Granola Chicks, we've been doing what we can to change our eating habits and lifestyles and get in shape together. So yoga has become a part of my life once more.

Enter @yoga_mama on Twitter. LaSara Firefox. She graciously began following me on Twitter. Her tweets about being grateful for yoga reminded me to do my yoga if I hadn't done any that day. And through her, I was introduced to this amazing thing called Gratitude Games. It started off with posting on Twitter what we're grateful for and turned into getting the Gratitude Games set.

I'm so in love. I know they've brought MarvMan and I closer. And I'm so grateful to be able to be teaching the concept of gratitude to my girls at such a young age. Especially Anaya. When you ask Breanne what she's grateful for, she tells you, "Bah, dan-dyuu, DAH!" Which, loosely translated, means something along the lines of cereal, thank you, DAD!! But Anaya?

The most touching words that ever came out of her mouth because of playing Gratitude Games were, "I'm grateful that you're you, Mommy." Coming from a three year old, who can be one of the harshest critics ever, I was brought to tears.

We've also played them in the truck when we were going to be in there for an extended period of time. Trust me, the cab of the truck is a cramped, uncomfortable space for any amount of time longer than, say, an hour. Or two. Maybe. But the truck became a space full of love and laughter while we played Gratitude Games with each other. A million times better than License Plate Alphabet or 20 Questions.

Let me tell you - if nothing else, get them for the artwork, which is amazing. (Highly recommend printing them out on cardstock. It's so amazingly worth it - they'll be a family heirloom for sure.) But once you've got them, you'll be so... well... grateful! Gratitude Games is not only fun, but can be life changing. There are games for children to adults, and games that can be played in the car, in the living room, in the kitchen, the bedroom, while MarvMan is in the shower - gratitude is everywhere.

And it is such a beautiful, beautiful thing.Why don't you start by giving @yoga_mama a follow on Twitter - trust me, you'll love what gratitude can do for you.


  1. Love your blog of gratitude! Found you and yoga_mama on Twitter and so happy I did! I promote 'girlfriend gratitude' on my site, Girlfriendology. Isn't gratitude a wonderful way to feel positive and energized?

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    Debba / Girlfriendology.com

  2. I'm grateful that you're you, too, Lin!! I'll have to check out the Gratitude Games.