Monday, January 12

Le gasp!

No, I didn't forget about blogging. More like I've been so busy I'm surprised my head hasn't spun around in three hundred sixty degree circles on my shoulders.

For those following along, I promise I'll get to the third chapter of Twilight. Soon. It's just pure torture at the moment and I'm already plodding through dull school work.

Well, it's not exactly dull, it's more like I've done these things in the past and am ready to move on to the next. But, in a way, it's helping. If only so I have this month of random, semi-meaningless classwork to plod through and reorganize my time.

Which is funny. I've never really been one for strict time management. I squeeze in what I can when I can and by whatever's highest on the priority list. The only ones in my life on a set time schedule are my girls. But now I'm starting to rethink that mentality.

Of course, sitting here at almost 9 pm on my kitchen counter with my feet propped up and enjoying the silence of the house... It might be difficult to persuade me otherwise. We'll have to see what's what when the more important classes start up.

But this is me, checking in. I'll do my best to write up a review of Twilight's third chapter by tomorrow. I've been so tempted so many times to just call the whole thing off. But for you, my dear readers, I will torture myself.

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  1. I watched the movie. Mike and I both knew it would be crap since it was out of the blue and hyped up like nobody's bidness, yet I watched it anyhow. I wish I hadn't. It makes me feel better to read your prolonged agony of reading it. Thank you.