Sunday, January 4

Another Round With Dye

Some were able to see the photos of the hair yesterday, others weren't. So here's one of the photos.

New hair color! Not as dramatic as I thought but  on TwitPic
I actually quite like it, which was a pretty big surprise because I was going for the "Toasted Coconut" color the box said.

Mm, that reminds me. I am really diggin on the scent of coconuts right now. No clue why. It's just awesome like that, I suppose. That and, well, when you're in the desert, something to remind you of the beach is extremely helpful. Mm, now of course I'm daydreaming of hammocks and white sand and sapphire blue water.

Then, of course, comes the interruption as my girls go screaming by. Ah, I love motherhood. I really, really do.

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