Tuesday, September 2

The GC Knit-a-Long

So, anyone who knows me - and maybe you don't, but you will at some point, don't worry - knows that I'm an avid crochet fanatic. If you don't know, it should be pretty evident by my shop, Boho Baby Designs. (Not to be confused with the six or seven other Boho Baby shops out there. Who knew it was such an awesome name?)

Well, anyway, on Granola Chicks, we're doing a knit-a-long. Now, mind you, I tried knitting before. I really did. I gave it a whirl and wound up getting frustrated. Really. I was on the verge of finding some more creatively violent uses for those needles. I didn't, though, and now I'm so very thankful I didn't! Being able to knit as a group gave me a bit more confidence. The fact that the pattern is so easy makes it that much better.

All that said, I'm going to finally put this blog to use and chronicle my knit-a-long adventure. I think I'm doing pretty well, actually. (I know someone who knows far more about knitting than I will find this blog and will tell me a semi-trained chimpanzee can do better. Until then I'm enjoying my bubble of reality.)

Neck Warmer Pattern from Tangle

That's yesterday's progress. I'll post again once I've done my knitting for today!

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