Tuesday, August 19


FAQ = Freaking Awesome Questions

Just who are you, anyway?
I'm Lindsey Clements. Also known as Lin, Linnie, LinLin (to a select few), Sparkle (to Lori) and on the great, wide interwebz? I'm LinLori. (Just ask Brad Fischetti from LFO. He'll tell ya.) I'm 24 and a mom of 2 kids - who happen to now be toddlers: Anaya/A-Girl and Breanne/BreMonster. (Pass the Jack Daniels, please.) I call them I'm married to a (most of the time) fantastic man - MarvMan - who is active duty Navy. And as if I didn't already have enough on my plate, I am also a college student. For more details, check the about page.

How do you like to be addressed? Lin? Linnie? Lindsey? Goddess Divine? Kitchen Master?
You can call me just about anything you like, as long as it's nice. I didn't call you names, either. I respond fastest to Lin, LinLori, and Linds.

So how did you come up with LinLori?
LinLori is a smushing of my first and middle names. My middle name is Lorraine, and a shortened version of that is Lori. I was bored one day and needed a unique handle for Granola Chicks, smushed everything together and voila. LinLori.

Why did you start this blog?
Because I love pouring my heart out to random strangers. No, really, I do. Catch me at a Starbucks and I may very well tell you my life story. In all seriousness, the point of this blog is to participate in the community. I know I'm not the only military wife with a blog, but I have my own unique viewpoint, and love to share with people. As well as overshare.

You share a lot about parenting. Would you like my unsolicited advice?
No, but thank you for asking. I love swapping stories about what works/what doesn't work. But I would appreciate anyone presuming to know my complete situation without actually being me, my family, or my neighbor, could kindly find something nice to say or refrain from commenting.

You say you're a military spouse. What are your military credentials?
In February of 2003 I went off to boot camp for the US Navy. I served for almost four years before getting out in late 2006 because of a conflict of interest in regards to a family care plan. I am still eligible to reenlist, and may do so at a future date. My husband and I met in 2003, were married in November of 05, and are still going strong, despite 1 deployment and numerous detachments, various moves and one PCS.

How long have you been blogging? Do you have any other sites/blogs?
Aw, you want to stalk me elsewhere? How sweet! Well, I've been on Blogger since December 2007. Prior to that, as early as 2004, I was on LiveJournal, and shortly after that on Vox. (Both accounts have since been deleted and/or I don't remember my log on credentials.) I'm also on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. I've also got a family website that I prefer to keep private, and am working on building up my writing portfolio once more.

Rhode Island is neither a road, nor an island. How do you feel about that?
Incredibly disappointed. If ever there were a shining example of false advertising, that state is it.

Ninjas vs Zombies. Discuss.
This is a tough one. Ultimately, I think the ninjas would defeat the zombies, seeing as they're all sneaky and such and zombies are pretty much programmed to only seek out brains. However, the ninjas would emerge victorious only to have to strike a tenuous peace treaty with the pirates, because we all know ninjas hate water. However, they would have to band together in the end only to be defeated by the Robot Ninja Zombie Vampire Nazis. (Go ask PhillyD about that one.)

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