Saturday, September 6

Feature Presentation

We interrupt our usual routine of whinging about being completely incapable when it comes to knitting to provide you with something truly interesting!

Seems that a dear WAHM-friend of mine has moved her shop from Etsy on over to Hyena Cart! How exciting! It's going to open up a whole new demographic of customers for her and I'm so happy for her!

Who is this WAHM you might ask? Why, none other than the absolutely stunning Brandy of Stitchblade, that's who!

Wait, what? You don't know about Stitchblade? Hmmm, how to explain... it's only some of the best handcrafted goodies ever! We're talking recycled wool longies and shorties, aprons, headbands, tutus... Any fabric this mama can get her hands on, she turns into some amazing stuff!

Need proof? Fantastic. It's what I'm here for.

Children's Owl Print Headband. This one I got as part of winning a contest on the Stitchblade Blog. It also got me featured for an interview there, too. I highly recommend her blog. It is not only an amazing read, she's got some jammin' tunes up on there.

Adult Tie-On Style Reversible Headband. This one I seriously could not pass up. I'm a huge fan of the tattoo print fabric, and on the other side is some seriously lush leopard print fabric. Multi-functional accessories are always a huge hit!

Olive the Blues Grow-With-Me Longies. These longies are the absolute best. Not only are they made out of the cutest recycled wool possible, they're extra long in the legs and have an extra long rise. This photo was from earlier this year. With some clever folding, my 6 month old could fit into these. Now, with not so much folding, my 12 month old still fits! And it will still fit her for a long time to come! It's a beautiful thing!

I've got a couple more items of Brandy's, to include a gorgeous tie-back play dress, and a super artsy tote bag. She's got some really cool stuff and I highly suggest you check out her brand new Hyena Cart shop!

What are you waiting for? GO!

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