Thursday, September 4

Crap On a Stick, People!

So, we all know from yesterday's post I hit the reset button. I started over after my beloved second daughter turned what would have been a neck warmer into streamers for her Parade Del Destructo. Having gotten so far the first time around, I was fairly confident going into it this time that I wouldn't have many, if any, problems whatsoever.

Confidence is my biggest downfall.

Exhibit A - I woke up this morning feeling super proud of how far I'd gotten.

Exhibit B - upon closer inspection I realize something is amiss.

Exhibit C - upon even closer inspection, I realize there are not one, but two somethings amiss.

Yes. That's my best attempt at an anime angry face.

TWO HOLES! What the crap? I mean, c'mon. I had to have noticed, right?

That said. Tomorrow. I am starting over. Again. Because I have no clue how to save this.

Bring it on, yarn. Bring it. I can keep going until you are no more! Do you hear me? No more!

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