Wednesday, February 17

Victim of location

Lately, I've been quite homesick. I'm not sure why, but I go through these periods where I miss the heck out of my family and my home state. Where is my home state, exactly? Pennsylvania. At my current location in Nevada, I am 2,543 miles away from my hometown.

So when I'm feeling homesick, I can't just walk down the road and get a hug from my Mom. When I'm having a rough day, I can't just meet Dad somewhere for lunch. Or if MarvMan and I get into a fight, I can't go cry on my sister's shoulder. I'm not even within a feasible driving distance to make a monthly road trip home. I've missed so much and I miss them all the more every day, week, month that I spend having to live away.

Oh, and flying? Out of the question. Both kids are now over 2 and cannot fly in-lap. Therefore, they require their own tickets and seats. Four tickets cost $1,364, and that's before taxes and service fees, and certainly doesn't include food and the hassle of being crammed in a tiny little airplane while everyone and their brother is giving you nasty looks because how dare you use public transportation - which you've paid for - when you have two children! You're ruining the flight for the rest of us! Damn you! Look, airplanes are public transport. I paid for my seat, I paid for my kids' seats. You knew your chances of being on a plane with kids. You don't like it? Get your own private jet. Suck it up and shut up.

MarvMan is amazing, though, and said he would take a specific set of orders when he's up for them. These orders (GSA - it'll only mean something to you if you know what I'm talking about) will send him overseas, without us, for about a year. But when he comes back from being overseas, we can pick our coast and the Navy will move us. At least, that's how the policy stands now - it could change. But I'm praying it doesn't.

See, my husband pretty much rocks. MarvMan has aspirations to become a helicopter pilot, and while he's still pushing for that dream, he's also making plans to try to get us closer to family. And possibly to soothe the neuroses that have overcome me since moving to the west coast.

I'm sorry, but y'all are crazy. I need my east coast. Badly.

Until then, I'll simply fork out $80 for nostalgia's sake to get my Yuengling and Tastykake fix online, crying into my Lager while shoving Butterscotch Krimpets in my face.

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