Monday, February 22

Catching up

Mondays are always such rough days. It doesn't matter how positive you are when you swing your legs out from under the covers. And the devil himself may even be scared when your feet hit the floor, "Oh, shit! She's awake!" But let's face it: It's the first day back to the regular rise and grind routine after a weekend. If your weekend was good, you certainly don't want to be starting a new work week. And if your weekend was bad? You really don't want to jump out of bed on a Monday and yell, "Hit me with your best shot!"

I woke up with a nose so blocked and a throat so sore I swear I sounded like one of those old Yiddish grandmas from Queens who's smoked two packs a day every day since she was ten and the doctors are amazed she doesn't have cancer. I have a paper to churn out a rough draft for this week, among probably a zillion other projects.

Remind me to tell you tomorrow why I'm despising Interpersonal Communications.

So, mug of coffee in hand, I'm taking today to go around and check in with everyone on my following list. Mondays seem to be good for that sort of thing. Almost like water cooler chatting, except I'm going around to everyone else's cubicle. Aren't you glad these are virtual cubicles, so I can't spread my nasty germs?

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