Monday, October 26

Everybody's Got Swine Flu

There's nothing better than starting off your Monday with a controversial post. Consider this your warning - the following blog post may contain information and opinions that some may consider controversial or offensive.

Oh, yeah, we're going to talk about swine flu.

The kids didn't protest when Rod Stewart came on the Today Show this morning, so I was finally able to get my one-monthly dose of real world news. Unfortunately, the news was overshadowed by all these reports about the ebil swine flu! One segment in particular - On Call with Dr. Nancy - featured an excessive amount of fear mongering in regards to the swine flu and the vaccine that's being rolled out.

"There's nothing you can do to stop it!! Not without the vaccine!" Oh, that's right. The rushed-to-market vaccination that has had no real testing and is overloaded with other chemicals and garbage along with the supposedly helpful ingredients that "prevent" swine flu. Have you ever looked up the adverse vaccine reaction reports? The numbers are surprisingly high and the victims and parents of victims are saddeningly real. Some of them are close friends of mine. Their bravery, honesty, and continuing awareness advocacy inspires me and reaffirms my position on vaccines. 

Bonus detail? The DHHS Secretary is granting full immunity to the vaccine makers against any side effects or adverse reactions recipients may suffer. (Source) Translation? If you or a loved one receives the swine flu vaccine and suffers any serious side effects or even dies in connection with receiving the vaccine? You can't sue. You get no remuneration. You. Can't. Do. Anything.

When flu season rolls around? MarvMan gets his shot - he has to, he's military. He gets incredibly sick. Me? I have yet to be sick. The last time I got the flu was the last time I received the flu shot. MarvMan battled another bout of flu recently - we think it may have been swine, but have no testing to confirm - and it took him four days. My girls have never been vaccinated. They caught the same thing from him and were down for a day at most. 

Me? I have yet to get it.

I practice my own brand of natural living. I take Vitamin C. I drink Echinacea tea. I give my kids Vitamin C and they drink their own Echinacea. I am researching herbal immune boosters and am taking the recommendations of friends to start incorporating elderberry into our diet in order to keep us healthy. While I am not opposed to going to the doctor when the situation warrants it, the methods to properly take care of ourselves are already here and they require no pharmaceutical methods and are exponentially less expensive.

So based on education and practical experience? I'm not getting the swine flu vaccination, and neither are my children.

(image credit: found on Coach Peter Rouse blog)

And for those of you who found this posting to be offensive? Here, I'll make it up to you with this video:

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  1. Amen!! I don't get any vaccinations, because they are dangerous. The stuff they put in them is awful for you and the side affects can be devastating.

    All natural is the way to go. We don't need chemicals in our bodies to help fight sickness, when they themselves actually cause it.

    Lindsey's remedies are very good. In addition to those, vitamins A & D3 are very essential in fighting flu & illness during this season.

    Go Lindsey!!