Sunday, September 27

Moment of WOAH

I have been slacking lately. Slacking on so much, I couldn't even begin to tabulate a list of all the things I've been putting off. It's a habit that my parents - bless their hearts - tried to break me of while I was growing up. But it's a habit that stuck with me and I haven't been able to get rid of.

Though if you really want a list, I could attempt to put one together for you. I mean, after all, it's these things that I've been slacking on that have me up at 11:30 pm. When I went to bed at 10:30. I tossed and turned for a half hour, decided I would be nice and get out of bed for a bit so MarvMan could fall asleep without me laying there for two minutes, roll over. Lay there. Roll twenty degrees to the left. Nope, still not it. Little to the right...

Okay, it wasn't out of niceness. It was because the fact that my kitchen was a MESS. We're talking Level 2 biohazard stuff. And I swear I cleaned it this morning.

Never mind the eight page draft of my essay for ENG125 that is due tomorrow. By midnight. Eight pages. Eight. Freaking. Pages. Sometimes I seriously question whether it was a good idea to start college again or not. The prospect of having my degree in 2012 and doing something productive with it is not so attractive late at night when I'm trying to add fluff to a paper that's due in two hours.

Or the rest of the house that needs to be cleaned out and organized. I was so thrilled when MarvMan moved the girls in to share a room together and designated the extra bedroom as an office for me. An office? For me? You take me seriously! You really do! And then came the mess... Because not all of BreMonster's things are moved out of the closet. It's on the list of "to be tackled at some point."

I got into this swing of decluttering and cleaning out the closets and reorganizing, pitching what's broken, setting aside those things that are good enough to be donated. And then the novelty wore off. Or just the weekend hit and I was plum tuckered out, I can't be too sure.

But there you have it. And here I am. At 11:30 at night. Having just cleaned the kitchen and straightened the living room. Working up my to do list for tomorrow. Though in a half hour it'll be today and I can say for eight hours from now.

I swear I will conquer this habit of letting things pile up. Not all of it is laziness or procrastination, though. A lot of it is forgetfulness. I'll start one project, get to a stopping point, move on to another project, and never come back to the original project I started out on, having completely forgotten about it all together. My short term memory is positively heinous.

Maybe I should buy stock in Post-Its.

For now, I'm going to hope the Tylenol PM I took for my back is going to kick in soon and that I'll be able to go to sleep sometime in the next hour or so. The alarm is set for 5:30, and the snooze button is sounding more and more attractive by the second.

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